The Most Common Reasons to Visit the Orthodontist near You

Orthodontic Treatment

An orthodontist is a dental specialist who offers a full range of dental services for patients seeking all teeth-related care, including braces and bites correction, teeth extractions, cavities, dentures, crowns, and bridges. There are many reasons to visit an orthodontist. If you’re concerned about the alignment of your teeth, an orthodontist can assess your bite and recommend the best treatment options.

To prevent dental problems in future

Orthodontic treatment can help prevent dental problems in the future. It is because braces will align the teeth, supporting their structure and declining the need for future extractions and root canal treatments. Through orthodontic therapy, someone’s bite can be changed, reducing facial pain and allowing his nervous system to function more efficiently.

To diagnose and treat any problem with the bite

Orthodontic treatment focuses on both the interiors and posteriors of the smile. It is a system of braces or aligners that corrects irregularities with the upper teeth and lower jaws. In addition, patients sometimes wear mouthguards to rebalance front teeth that are pushed back due to crowding or lack of space for their extracting teeth.

Sudden changes in the position of teeth

Orthodontic treatment is often recommended to correct changes in the position of teeth. It is also important to note that this can be done when the tooth has moved so far that you are unable to bite down with it properly, and it is hurting your bite. In such cases, it is crucial to consult an orthodontist who will examine your child and perform a thorough diagnosis.

Can orthodontics treatment improve Jaw deformities?

Orthodontics is a set of techniques that address minor and severe issues with the teeth, bite, and jaw. Oral problems such as malocclusion and overbites can have a detrimental impact on growing children and adolescents. Jaw deformities can make it difficult to speak and eat. Orthodontic treatment may be appropriate in that case. Orthodontists work with your dentist to identify the problems and then develop a treatment plan to correct them.

Can orthodontics treatment improve crowding or spaces between teeth?

Crowding between teeth is typically the result of an overset, underbite, or a combination of both. Orthodontic treatment can correct crowding and spacing by moving the jaw forward and backward to change the size and shape of a patient’s smile. If you have space between your teeth, chances are your teeth will not fit properly into their respective positions. On the other hand, if you have crowded teeth.


When you are ready to begin your treatment, dentists at Brian Choi DMD in Whittier, CA, can help you understand that the benefits of orthodontics are not just for your smile. Our goal is to give you the confidence and communication skills necessary to land the job. We do this by providing a stress-free experience that makes it easy for you to return to your everyday life.

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