Smile Makeover: How an Orthodontist Can Transform Your Teeth


A dentist who focuses on straightening teeth is known as an orthodontist. When consistent pressure is applied to teeth, a process known as “orthodontic tooth movement” occurs. Orthodontists primarily employ dental braces, dental aligners, and tooth retainers to achieve this movement. Dental surgery is typically only necessary in cases of severe bite issues.

How Orthodontics May Make Your Smile Better

Do you want to discover how a general dentist’s orthodontic treatments can enhance and change the appearance of your smile? Here are some benefits of orthodontics treatment –

More Erect Teeth

Straightening the teeth is the most evident way orthodontics can enhance one’s smile. Since having crooked teeth does little to boost one’s self-esteem, many people see their general dentist to learn more about orthodontics. Among the most common procedures for straightening teeth and enhancing smiles are traditional braces and clear aligners. Straighter teeth may encourage a person to smile more, which may increase confidence.

Fixing An Irregular Bite

Orthodontics is typically used to treat misaligned teeth. However, individuals with severe under or overbites can also receive orthodontic care from conventional dentists. Both kinds of bites might result in an uneven smile, which can make one feel less confident. The appearance of your smile can be enhanced by receiving treatment with braces to straighten the bite.

Oral Fitness

The potential of orthodontics to enhance dental health is one of its key advantages. Most people believe that using braces or aligners merely enhances one’s smile. However, orthodontic treatment can also enhance dental and oral health. Bacteria have the potential to develop into an illness over time. When a general dentist applies braces or aligners, the teeth will straighten, reducing the possibility of bacterial infections and raising the likelihood of good oral health.

Boost To Confidence

A person’s confidence can increase dramatically with an enhanced smile. One may feel self-conscious about flashing their teeth in social or professional settings if they have crooked teeth or an uneven bite. However, getting orthodontic treatment from a conventional dentist might help restore that confidence.

FAQs – Orthodontist Treatment

How can I spot a possible biting issue?

Treatment is required if teeth are projecting, crowded together, or erupting incorrectly (View Examples). An orthodontic issue may also be present if the jaw makes noises or shifts during movement or if teeth don’t line up properly when the mouth shuts.

When should therapy for orthodontics begin?

Orthodontic treatment is not something you should wait to start until your teeth are already crooked. It’s best to begin treatment as soon as possible so that you can prevent the need for more extensive treatment in the future. It means that if you’re still growing, your orthodontist will want to see you at least once a year.


You’ve probably thought about changing your smile and the optimal treatment for you and your budget will be determined by our knowledgeable multidisciplinary team after careful consideration of all options. Brian Choi DMD in Whittier, CA, will provide you with unbiased guidance regarding the choice we believe is best for you and all the information you require before making a final choice.

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