How Advanced of Dental Technology Does Your Dentist Utilize?

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The advanced technology can drastically affect the dental experience and make it much more comfortable for both the dentist and the patient. Why is it necessary for the dentist and their patients to embrace the upcoming innovations? Below mentioned are a few reasons to answer this question.

  • So that the dentist could give a better service to their patients
  • Make the overall process easier for both the patient and dentist.
  • So that the patient could get a comfortable experience. 
  • It helps the dentist to have a mercury-free office.

Dental Technology

Advanced Dental Technology

1. Intraoral camera

This is an advantage to both the patient and the dentist. It clicks an instant picture of the patient’s teeth. This shows the problem with the teeth and thus helps to find a solution. So, it saves a lot of time for the patients, and they don’t require a lot of appointments to diagnose the dental problem.

As an advantage to the dentist, the enlarged picture helps to diagnose the problem, and then the treatments can be discussed with the patient. This will save the dentist work time, and they could speed up the process and will help to be accurate about the dental issue.

2. Air abrasion

As an advantage to the patient, it is pain-free micro dentistry. This is very delicate on the tooth. There will be no micro-fractures caused due to this drill. It also decreases the requirement for mercury amalgam fillings. Instead, a white composite filling is used. This will reduce the chances of failure of the dental procedure. 

As an advantage to the dentist, the patients will be less nervous because of the pain-free dentistry procedure, making them more interested in the process and their health. 

3. Laser light treatment for searching for early decay 

For the patient, this is an advantage because they could find their cavity early, which could not be noticed by X-ray or mirror. These probes help in the early detection of a cavity before it gets bigger and compromises the teeth’ strength and long-term health. 

For the dentist, it is advantageous because it helps to provide minimal invasive pain-free treatment, and hence it will preserve the long-term health of the teeth.

4. Water laser (incredibly Hi-tech)

This is another way in which patients could be provided with drill-free dentistry. Most often, there is no requirement for injections. This can also perform soft tissue surgery with minor or no bleeding. 

Several procedures that may have needed two or more appointments could be cut short to a single appointment. Several techniques that would have required a specialist can now be done with a laser in a more comfortable way, and this won’t be much expensive. 

Again, this also reduces the requirement for mercury amalgam fillings. The white composite filling can be used here. Hence, this is a time saver and pain-free technology. 

This is beneficial for the dentist as no injection is needed. Procedures that required more than one appointment could be completed in single or fewer appointments with fewer referrals to the specialists. 

5. CAD/CAM crowns

This benefits the patients by providing the best filling material available in present dentistry. The crowns inlay a complete procedure in a single appointment without any mucky impressions and temporary crowns in place of the regular two meetings. 

For the dentist, it provides a quicker, better, and more efficient service, which will spare a lot of time and work. The dental technology in Whittier has some of the latest technologies that will make the dental procedure much easy.

6. Modern teeth straightening 

The pain of getting traditional braces is one of the worst experiences that a patient could have experienced. But now, this is replaced with the Invisalign aligner. These are a great alternative to the traditional metal braces that the patient wears for at least two years. This Invisalign is barely visible to the naked eyes, and they help the orthodontic work much more efficiently.

Dental Invisalign

These are a great way to replace braces as patients don’t usually like braces, and as this Invisalign is barely visible to the eyes, people won’t even know that you are wearing them. This has also built up self-confidence as people don’t feel comfortable wearing metal braces. 

7. Dental implants

The dental implants replace the screw for the portion of the root of the missing tooth. These help to restore the patient’s healthy smile. These are very effective as they can replace the missing tooth. 

Dental Implant

This is not just making their smile beautiful but also boosting their self-esteem by providing them with the beautiful smile they deserve.

8. HealOzone

HealOzone is a quick and easy way to eliminate tooth decay. This is a painless treatment in which ozone, a standard gas, helps to kill fungus and bacteria in the mouth effectively. 

HealOzone is also a great tool to detect and get rid of the early signs of tooth decay before it grows and damages the teeth furthermore.

9. Caries management by threat estimation 

Here’s a new scientific benefit for the patients. Here, the cause of the problem is treated rather than treating the symptoms of the disease. The dentist will check the level of bacteria in the mouth of the patient and treat it accordingly. 

This will decrease tooth decay in the future because the bacterial level is reduced. This will save a lot of your money and time.

The advanced technology in dentistry has so many benefits to both the dentist and the patient that this may encourage you to get your next dental appointment. You can preserve the integrity of your oral health by getting routine six-month or once-in-a-year check-ups. 

10. Nitrous Oxide and IV sedation

You must have heard of nitrous oxide as the laughing gas. This calms the patient to that level when they are relaxed but can still interact with their dentist in Whittier CA.

Meanwhile, IV sedation is such that they sedate the patients in a way that they get unaware of their surrounding, and they don’t get what’s happening during the dental procedure but is still awake for the session. These are for patients who are afraid of dental procedures.

Bottom line

To know how advanced your dentist is or if you are searching for an advanced dentist, you should just search for a dentist near me, and look for all these technologies. These are the latest technology in the dental field.

Dental Technology - X-ray Scan

These make the dental experience easier not only for the patient but for the dentist also. These make the dental procedure quick, easy, and sometimes painless too. Look for dental technology in Whittier, and you will find some of the latest technology they have.


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