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General Dentistry is a branch of dental healthcare that deals with most dental needs and problems and, as a result, encompasses almost, if not all, aspects of dental healthcare. For example, suppose you’re visiting a dentist for the first time or choosing a dentist for general family dentistry in Whittier CA after moving to a new city. In that case, you’ll probably be examined by a general dentist who can determine the overall quality of your dental healthcare. 

General family Dentistry

Being the primary caregiver in dental healthcare means general dentists work closely with caregivers in other dental specialties. If you need root canal surgery, your general dentist will likely recommend an Endodontist or a Root Canal specialist. Read this text till the end to have an idea about general dentistry. 

What Comes Under the Umbrella of General Dentistry?

Professional general dentists handle all varieties of dental needs and problems, but one of their primary functions is to monitor the overall quality of your dental health. That means they will be the ones to find out if something’s wrong with your teeth so that you can get the treatment you need in time. 

Additionally, a Dentist in Whittier CA also provides the immediate attention needed for dental problems, like treating disorders resulting from poor dental hygiene and repairing your dental features (like broken teeth). 

But that sounds vague. Below, we will explore some of the common services of general dentists.

What Are Dentistry Services Commonly Provided By General Dentists?

Here’s a breakdown of five services commonly provided by general dentists:

  • Dental Exams and Regular Dental Checkups: You’ve seen sites that tell you to get regular dental checkups, right? One of the general dentist’s services is regular oral health check-ups to monitor your dental health. And it doesn’t stop there, either. If you need a full-on check-up with digital dental x-rays and ultrasounds, a general dentist provides those too. 

digital dental x-rays

  • Tooth Replacements: When you lose one of your natural teeth, you have to turn to tooth replacement. It includes dental bridgework, oral implant installation and restoration, and even total denture replacements for patients. 
  • Tooth Restorations: General dentists also provide more intensive services like root canal surgeries, tooth fillings, and tooth extractions for when one of your teeth is irreparably damaged or infected. Restorative dental treatment in Whittier CA work like this is very important to ensure you don’t end up with a seriously threatening infection in your dental cavity. 
  • Nutritional Counselling: Believe it or not, one of the biggest threats to dental healthcare today is an uneven diet. That’s why many general dentists also offer nutritional counseling, which helps patients learn what’s good for their teeth (and what’s not!). Some particular dentists also provide vitamin supplementation to boost your oral health. 
  • Cosmetic Improvements: Crowning, teeth whitening, and dental veneers improve the aesthetic appeal of your teeth and are some of the most popular services general dentists provide. 

Why is General Dentistry Important to Your Life?

Before we talk about the importance of general dentistry, consider this for a second: general dentists remain by far the busiest out of all the branches of dentistry, and that’s because when it comes to dental healthcare, they are the primary caregiver. 

They’re the professionals who perform dental check-ups and exams and diagnose any problems you might have with your dental cavity. Even if you’re considering visiting a specialist for dental surgery, you should consult with a general dentist to better understand where your dental health stands right now. 

What Are Some Noticeable Benefits of General Dentistry?

With that said, we’re going to talk about some of the most noticeable benefits of general dentistry, along with some of the ways this branch is so useful for patients interested in protecting their dental health:

General dentistry helps people understand how to preserve their natural teeth by advising them about healthy dental healthcare practices and any deficiencies they might have. 

Preventative measures from general dentists are the best way to ensure you don’t face cavities, infections, or even irreparably damaged teeth down the road. 

The role of general dentistry as a preventative measure also means you can save thousands on expensive dental procedures by listening to your dentist’s advice. 

Cosmetic dentistry in Whittier CA procedures from general dentists like teeth whitening and crowning boost your self-confidence by ensuring your teeth always look their best. 

Cosmetic dentistry in Whittier CA

General dentists collaborate highly with specialists in other branches, granting you access to a wide network of dental professionals. 

What Are the Risks of Avoiding General Dentistry?

Nobody takes the time to floss every day, and honestly? That’s probably fine, as long as you do it every other day. You might think that dentistry affects just your teeth, but in reality, suffering from poor dental hygiene can result in countless other physical and even mental conditions that will affect your life in the long run. 

To properly illustrate the importance of general dentistry, here are some of the risks you take when you put off visits to the dentist:

Risk of Heart Disease: Periodontal diseases are frightening in the dental cavity and are a nightmare for the rest of your body. Their worst effect is that patients suffering from periodontal disease (not receiving the right care) incur twice the usual risk of contracting heart disease. Plaque and other dental bacteria entering the body through the gums can narrow your arteries and even lead to a stroke. 

  • Risk of Diabetes: Diabetes is a widespread condition with many adverse effects on you, most noticeably impacting your blood sugar levels. Studies show that more than 95% of people with diabetes also suffer tooth loss. A general dentist can provide the necessary care and advise you on your nutrition levels to better manage your diabetes. 
  • Risk of Dementia: Better believe it: one of the worst effects of poor oral hygiene is loss of teeth, leading to memory loss, ultimately devolving into full-on dementia. While this fact remains under-appreciated today, it’s no less than a pressing, urgent reason never to delay going to the dentist regularly. 
  • Risk of Cancer: Remember when we said pollutants and bacteria enter your body when you suffer from plaque or dental infections? That can also result in cancer of the kidneys or pancreas, as studies have proven patients with gum disease are more than half as likely to contract cancer. We’re guessing nothing will happen if that doesn’t get you to the dentist soon. 
  • Risk of Respiratory Problems: Bacteria entering your body can also collect around your lungs and affect them, significantly weakening your respiratory system. It doesn’t stop at respiratory problems, either. You also risk contracting bronchitis or pneumonia when you don’t practice good oral hygiene. 


Poor oral hygiene might not be the highest on your list of priorities, but we’re here to tell you that it should be. If you’re looking for general dentists in Whittier, California, check out Whittier Dental Office, a family dentistry office dedicated to providing the best dental healthcare for patients. You can get your regular dental check-up done here and any immediate attention your oral cavity needs.


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